Recently rated as the #5 Ethiopian restaurant in America by Yelp, Abugida Ethiopian Cafe is an unassuming building on Central Avenue about a mile east of Plaza Midwood.  The cafe offers authentic and inexpensive vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.  Also, their takeout service is quick and easy, and they offer a lunch buffet during the week.  A quick guide to their menu: the Ethiopian Coffee is must.  It’s rich and creamy and will lift you through you day.  For vegetarian options try the Kik Alecha – yellow peas flavored with spices and onions, and the Yesisir Kik Wat – split red lentils cooked with herbs, sauce and spices.  Another popular dish at the cafe is Doro Alecha – chicken leg cooked in Ethiopian herb butter and curry.  It’s incredibly tender and flavorful!   And be sure to order plenty of injera (Ethiopian flatbread) to scoop it all up!

For more info and to order takeout, visit their website at